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ACTIVATE Your Commute, Walking & Cycling Program

Discover the joys and benefits of walking & cycling to work with the ACTIVATE Your Commute, Walking & Cycling Program!

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The ACTIVATE Your Commute, Walking & Cycling Program is a new and exciting program that encourages commuters to leave their cars at home and reduce their carbon footprint. We will be actively working with our member employers to roll out the program and help provide their employees with sustainable transportation alternatives. The program will consist of:

  • A Welcome Package to help get commuters started
  • Online tools for commuters to set personal goal and track their progress
  • Workshops
  • Monthly incentives
  • Promotional material
Program Benefits 

By participating in the program, commuters can experience an easier, healthier, and more enjoyable commute while getting their daily or weekly dose of physical activity.

The result: an active, healthier you and less traffic congestion in your community!  

How to Register 

Simply go to and create your account today!  

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