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Kimberly Kyle | Intertek Cantox
Smart Commute Saved Me!

Smart Commute helped me find the best carpool match ever! We were matched as downtown Toronto reverse commuters that work in Mississauga so there are no real transit options for us. Everything is better since we started carpooling: one week she drives, the other week I drive. And the results: 50% reduction in my stress, my gas costs, wear and tear on my vehicle while gaining someone that has become a good friend of mine! It is such a relief to have someone to chat with, someone that understands the "pains" of the commute and just knowing someone is there just in case my car is in the shop. We're a team and the ride feels so much shorter when you have someone to chat with. I recommend Smart Commute to everyone!

SCM an invaluable business partner

SCM has proven to be an invaluable business partner in helping us plan and implement the relocation of over 1,400 of our Customer Contact Centre employees to Mississauga
Jennifer Reid | Bank of Montreal

Napping during the carpool commute is great!
Sharing a carpool with 3 others is very economical and I get to take a nap during travel
Ada Ho | Citi Cards

Carpooling saved my daily commute!
I have been very fortunate to be part of a carpool arrangement since my first day of work at the City of Mississauga
Susan Petri | City of Mississauga

I love carpooling!
I love carpooling - it's great to save carbon emmissions
Jason Noble | GTAA

Carpooling is fun, less stressful and saves me money!
Carpool Zone first matched me up with a lady at the office building where I work
Sylvia Rudkowski | GTAA

Carpooling Works!!
I joined Smart Commute a few years ago and was amazed at how quickly and easily I was able to get online to find other commuters in the areas I work and live
Peter Wiszniewski | GTAA

5 Guys, 5 Days, 5 Weeks
Our carpool has 5 (not very small) guys who all work at the same facility
Steve Hall | GTAA FESTI

Started carpooling for the first time ever and I love it!
The company in the car during the drive to and from work is great, and the incentive is even better I love it
Dinuk Athukorala | Hatch

Carpooling is a win-win solution to air pollution!
Though our company is based in Mississauga, I was able to take advantage of Smart Commute’s carpooling opportunities
Mary Jarbeau | Hatch

It is Amazing!
I think it is good for society and yourself, so please let more people know it and take advantage of it
Susan Jiang | Hatch

Carpool and reduce gas emissions!
Carpooling can effectively reduce gas emissions and help to solve the environmental problem
George Ma | Hatch

It's fun to carpool!
Great practice to both save the environment and not to get bored during morning's driving
Koorosh Mirkhani | Hatch

Carpooling and Culture
I'd like to share a short story about my carpooling experience
Jasmine Paino | HB Group Insurance Management Ltd

Drastically reduced our gas expenses!

I carpool three times a week with my colleague and we have drastically reduced our gas expenses
Maureen McLeod | Morguard Investments

Enjoy the view while you carpool
Yes, carpooling really is the way to go, no matter what the commute distance is
Farida Saad | MRC

Go carpool GO!
I live in Markham and have worked in the City of Mississauga for the past 4 years
Kevin Chan | RBC

The first time when me and my carpool buddies used the carpool lane one of my co-workers thought it would be funny to stick her hand out the window and wave at all the cars who were stuck in traffic shouting out "YOU SHOULDA POOLED IT"
Ashley Rahaman | RBC

Carpooling feels less of a commute every day
I have carpooled with a colleague in my department since the summer of 2009
Jaime McIntosh | RBC Life Insurance Co.

The best way to commute!
I never really thought about carpooling until one day when I noticed my monthly gas bill exceeded my monthly car payments
Cheuk Siu | Wal-Mart Canada

Walking to work is wonderful!
I have been walking to work for over a year now
abdullah khan | Worleyparsons

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