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Smart Commute Mississauga is dedicated to improving sustainable transportation options for commuters in the City of Mississauga. 

Transit Advocacy

Smart Commute Mississauga will advocate, on behalf of our workplaces and clients, for Transit improvements for their employees. We will present data gathered through employee surveys and site assessments to advocate for optimal transit services to the demands of your employees.  

Discounted Transit Passes

Smart Commute is currently gathering data on employee monthly pass discount programs across the GTA and will use this information to advocate for similar programs in Mississauga. Discounted transit passes are typically sold through an employer directly to their employees.

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University of Toronto Universal Bus Pass

Smart Commute Mississauga successfully supported a universal bus pass (UPass) for UTM students. In a student referendum in February of 2007, students overwhelmingly agreed to pay an additional $89 in student fees in exchange for unlimited travel on Mississauga Transit busses during the 2007 / 2008 academic year.

Share the Road with Cyclists

Smart Commute Mississauga has teamed-up with the Mississauga Cycling Advisory Committee (MCAC) in a pubic awareness campaign to encourage drivers to Share The Road with cyclists. Throughout the summer of 2007, the Share The Road poster will be affixed to the back of city busses.

Please contact Smart Commute Mississauga if you are interested in sponsoring this program. for $318 (tax included) you can sponsor a bus poster for one month. For $735 (tax included) you can sponsor a bus poster with your corporate logo on it, for one month.

Improved Transportation Demand Management Planning

At the February 15, 2007 public meeting, Smart Commute Mississauga provided a written submission to the Region of Peel requesting stronger language in the Regional Official Plan to support Transportation Demand Management planning. See below for submission.

Committee Work

Smart Commute Mississauga was invited to participate in two workshops hosted by the City of Mississauga's Environmental Advisory Committee. These workshops will set the mandate for the committee for the next five years.

Smart Commute Mississauga also participates on the City of Mississauga Cycling Advisory Committee on an occasional basis. Together, the MCAC and Smart Commutee Mississauga launch the Bike Friday program in the summer of 2007. 

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